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Digital Transformation and Salesforce

Digital Transformation and Salesforce

Digital transformation is about changing the way we work by applying technology.
Learn how Salesforce could help you and your team embrace this new digital realm.

Digital transformation is a term that recently got even more in the spotlight of global attention due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Faced with the necessity to transform how societies function all over the world made us sensitive to the matters of optimisation and digitalisation. Before we touch upon what digital transformation stands for and what it represents let’s begin with some house cleaning and examine the different terms around the phenomenon of digital transformation.

What is the difference between digitisation, digitalisation and digital transformation? Although they might sound pretty similar there are some important differences we should keep in mind. Digitisation is the process of going from analog to digital data. In other words it is transforming data sources from paper to digital. Computers only read and understand zeros and ones so we need to have compatible data to begin with. Digitalisation on the other hand is the transformation of processes that traditionally rely on analog data and non-digital sources. Once we achieve that we face challenges like culture and habits. That’s where digital transformation happens. It represents a shift in the ways we think and operate.

Although they encompass what we do on a daily basis, changes go further than just the operational part of business. Digital transformation is about the optimal blend between long-term strategies and execution. It is through the power of technology that we are able to reimagine and do things in a completely new way. The cloud based Salesforce platform for example enables us to develop ideas from scratch into fully-fledged viable products in no time at all. In contrast, sticking to the old habits it would take months if not years to do a market survey, collect and order meaningful data, build wireframes and test possible outcomes. Salesforce empowers us to create and deliver within the same platform allowing us to create apps and easily run A/B tests for features and functionalities without investing (and therefore risking) too much time.

To sum up, digital transformation is about changing the way we work by applying technology. Old work habits have developed over many years and represent a significant challenge no matter how much new tech could optimise work. People have this innate fear of things they don’t understand. Technology triggers that fear and renders them reluctant to even try exploring new ways of work. Therefore, we at EnterCRM strive to bring the amazing power of the Salesforce platform to people’s day-to-day work in a simple and comprehensive way. As a registered Salesforce partner in Bulgaria it is our utmost priority and responsibility to bridge the gap between tech and business and help people successfully transition into the digital business realm.

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2020-07-21 12:44:00