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Five reasons to consider the Salesforce platform

Five reasons to consider the Salesforce platform

Here’s why you should consider the Salesforce platform for your digital transformation journey


If you are currently building up the roadmap for a successful digital transformation then you are probably overwhelmed by the various features and benefits of different systems. Sometimes it is quite a challenge to jot down the exact metrics and outcomes that we would expect from a digital solution before the actual implementation.

Individual systems are only good for certain tasks but when it comes to digital transformation we want to cover the whole spectrum of business applications. How do we do that successfully and efficiently?
Here are just some thoughts on why a single platform instead of a collection of integrated systems could lay the grounds for a better digital transformation journey. 


Business is growing and changing daily. That’s especially true in the realm of the COVID19 pandemic. Therefore, we want a reliable platform that could follow suit. Scalability is among the top reasons to consider a cloud based solution. Salesforce takes it a step further by offering tailored modules and apps for enterprise business as well as for growing SMBs. Just imagine being able to scale smoothly without the need to jump across different systems and solutions all the time. Having a simple way to manage data complexity would definitely make a difference. 


If we are looking for a platform that simply works and doesn’t crash when our team needs it most then Salesforce is a more than solid solution. It is not even fair to discuss uptime since Salesforce runs on some of the finest cloud infrastructure in the world. The architecture of the platform makes it fast, agile and exceptionally versatile. No matter if we access data through a PC, tablet or mobile phone, Salesforce makes it possible to get a full and current view of the business organisation.


Salesforce is like Lego blocks that we get to assemble and build the perfect fit for business. One-size-fits-all is exactly the opposite of what we would get with the Salesforce platform. It is built with customization in mind and allows us to create our very own interface and functionality. Out of the box Salesforce already is the very best CRM in the world that has been developed and polished for over 20 years. Nevertheless, we could make it even better for our business organisation through custom development or simple low-code/no-code modifications. 


Salesforce is a powerful backend tool that could easily manage huge amounts of data from different sources and databases all combined in one simple to use interface. This means people would no longer have to switch between different systems and interfaces to do their work and get to the data they need. Data would be integrated into a single silo within Salesforce. The benefits of such Salesforce integration depend on the complexity of the current workflows. Outcomes in day to day work operations are usually in the form of less time wasted on unnecessary admin/operational work and more time dedicated to actually working with data.


That is probably one of the most important reasons to consider the Salesforce platform. It empowers business with a sustainable way to manage data. Jumping across different platforms and systems could not only result in significant data loss but would dramatically decrease the overall long-term health of data. In other words the more we shift between different platforms the less reliable our data would become because of different data structures and multiple migrations. With Salesforce we get three updates a year that don’t require any efforts on the client side. Furthermore, as a top player in the cloud platform/CRM realm, Salesforce gets a lot of attention that results in continuous improvements over time. 

In conclusion, there are many reasons to pick the Salesforce platform as a trusted data platform partner. In this short article we have covered scalability, reliability, customization, connectivity and sustainability as some of the major reasons to consider Salesforce as a viable tool for the digital transformation journey. 

Can you think of more good points based on your experience? Do you have an idea that you would like to integrate within Salesforce? Reach out and let’s talk about the best ways to explore the uncapped potential of the Salesforce platform. 


2020-07-28 13:50:50