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How to keep calm and boost productivity

How to keep calm and boost productivity

While CRM is a great tool it is just a piece of the puzzle we need today.
Salesforce could help us do more with less mental stress and anxiety.

Business success is all about our personal attitude. For everything else we have technology to help us with the heavy weight lifting. In real life, however, attitude is severely compromised by the lack of proper technology in place. It is tough to remain calm and composed with a customer when we don’t have the right data at hand. That is the case especially in the support department. Agents get bombarded with angry customer inquiries with little to no time to react and get a proper resolution. Their colleagues in the sales department go through a similar hassle. 


If we only work with a dozen of clients we might be able to document pipeline, processes or communication using spreadsheets, sticky notes and the mighty email inbox. Dealing with hundreds or thousands or clients, however, presents a different picture. It is no longer feasible to depend on a semi-digital combination of data resources. This is where the phenomenon of the tool called Customer Relationship Management or CRM comes to rescue. A CRM is designed to help us manage client data, preferences and processes with ease. It sifts through the important data and makes sure our attention is effectively invested in high priority tasks or events. 


Client data, however, is not an isolated entity. It connects and interacts with more than just the sales department. Thus, we need a quick and easy way to integrate client data with marketing, support, partners or share and communicate freely with co-workers. In other words, we need a data platform, not merely a CRM solution. 


If you are familiar with the Salesforce platform then you probably already know that Salesforce is far from being just a CRM in 2020. Salesforce’s class-leading CRM system is only a baked-in part of the larger tool that is the cloud based platform. It is capable of managing all the business data we would ever need. The idea behind this data conglomerate is reduced stress and anxiety as well as improved data integrity. We could identify this effect on personal as well as on business organisation level. Being able to find and use data easily is a game-changer. It helps us concentrate on the things that truly matter like for example customer experience and customer engagement.


Working with the right data improves dramatically the communication quality with clients. Instead of asking repetitive questions, building up mutual anxiety and increasing stress, we could simply help our customers. No matter if it is about making a decision to buy or seeking support about a B2B investment, the client's communication is vital to the success of any business.  

Technology is the differentiator between being busy and staying productive. It is almost sad how much time we spend on tasks that could easily present an automated flow. Getting there, however, requires a mindset shift towards workflow optimization. If you are looking for a way to decrease stress and boost productivity, reach out and let us assist you along the way of digital transformation.

2020-08-21 10:46:36