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Salesforce Summer'20 Release

Salesforce Summer'20 Release

Here are 10 of the coolest new features with Salesforce Summer'20 Release

As new features and benefits are rolling out for the Salesforce users with the latest Summer’20 release of Salesforce, here is a quick overview of what to expect. There is a lot to be excited about and here are just some of the coolest new tools you could start applying to your work projects. Although new features are usually celebrated by Salesforce admins and developers in the backend, the platform is introducing automation to end users with newly improved flows. That’s definitely something that has the potential to be a game changer especially bearing in mind that Salesforce Lightning Flow Builder was already a super power tool. 

New improved Salesforce  Flow

new improved salesforce flow builder

Salesforce Lightning Flow Builder is getting a major update with the Summer’20 Summer release. Looking ahead to render the Process Builder obsolete some time in the future, the Lightning Flow Builder is a no-code alternative to Apex trigger functionality. In Summer’20 we see new features that make the tool even more powerful and robust.

After Record Save Trigger

salesforce after record save trigger flow

Just like with Apex trigger now we can start a flow without even using the Process Builder by simply setting up the rules about when the Flow trigger should fire. 

Dynamic Actions for Custom Objects

salesforce dynamic actions

Although they apply to custom objects only for now, dynamic actions seem like a great way to boost productivity.

Split List View





If you’ve ever used the Salesforce Console before then this feature might not seem completely new to you. It combines selected record data with list view data in order to help you get a better overall view and move faster. It is a great feature from the latest Summer’20 Salesforce release that would help us work faster and use less clicks to get a job done. 

split list view summer 20 release

Salesforce Dynamic Forms

salesforce dynamic forms

This feature is still in beta. It only covers custom objects and you’ve got to request it from Salesforce but in a nutshell it is a prelude to new and improved Page Layouts. It allows us to drag and drop sub sections and show/hide fields depending on another field’s value, which is amazing. 

In-App Guidance Builder

salesforce in-app guidance builder


Engaging your users is among the most crucial aspects of any successful Salesforce implementation or new features integration. The new and improved In-App Guidance Builder helps you facilitate your end users with tailored guidance, tip and suggestions that would help them adapt quickly and go on with their work without any frustrations.

Salesforce Optimizer App

salesforce optimizer app

The Salesforce Optimizer App is not a completely new feature to Salesforce. In the latest Summer’20 release however it becomes a more diverse and powerful tool for admins to monitor their Org’s integrity and health and be able to get a better overall view of how well the Org is complying with the Salesforce standards.

Salesforce Einstein Search 

salesforce einstein search

This feature comes for free if you are on anything above the Professional license. It is basically an enhanced search function that is user-specific and provides more valuable insights based on the search query. It allows for more natural language expressions and aims to be a conversational assistant to the users.

Salesforce Release Updates

salesforce release updates

That is a great example of how Salesforce is still moving slowly away from Classic and into the Lightning Experience realm. With the latest Summer’20 Salesforce release we see the old page “Critical Updates” exchanged with a completely new look but again displaying vital information about coming updates and steps we need to take in order to ensure a smooth and seamless work for users.

Einstein Reply Recommendations

einstein reply recommendations

That’s a great example of how AI and humans could work in a beautiful harmony and how Salesforce is getting smarter with each new release. Thanks to Einstein Reply Recommendations your team members using Live Agent for Service Cloud could dramatically improve their workflow and optimise their efforts by offering clients fully tailored answers based on their individual queries.


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