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A Different TrailheaDX 2020 for the Salesforce Community

A Different TrailheaDX 2020 for the Salesforce Community

With TrailheaDX 2020 just around the corner here's all you need to know about the new digital framework of the event and how you could register and schedule your TDX spot.

With the spread of the global COVID-19 pandemic events are changing and people are adapting. Today we count on video conferencing platforms to connect us. It is such an incredible moment in time. We are able to attend meetings and conferences all over the world from the comfort of your own homes. Networking is a breeze too. With an array of social platforms you can connect to people sharing similar interests and explore opportunities. 

Furthermore, the scale at which we are able to communicate with people all over the world has changed dramatically. The travel restrictions brought us closer online and that’s a great way to communicate, brainstorm and exchange ideas. We must no longer travel for hours in order to attend an event. Just imagine if we spent that time doing research, learning a new skill or communicating with friends.

What is TrailheaDX (TDX)?

It’s all about communication and exchange of ideas. TrailheaDX is a conference and a meet up opportunity for anyone who is building on or customizing the Salesforce platform. We already stressed that Salesforce today is far more than just a CRM. It’s an incredibly capable platform and TrailheaDX/TDX is the event that celebrates that while shedding light on new features. It’s an event that gathers and connects admins, coders, developers, architects, Salesforce partners and entrepreneurs from the Salesforce ecosystem. Being part of this community is not just a great experience, it’s an outstanding opportunity to connect with like-minded people as well. 
    The event is a great chance for people to meet, learn and connect. It is suitable for anyone just starting with the platform as well as experienced professionals. TrailheaDX is a perfect example of the diverse Salesforce ecosystem and #TDX20 represents how it rediscovers itself with time. It is also a statement that today ideas drive technology. Within the realm of the platform based economy ideas have the potential to change how businesses operate in completely novel ways.

How TrailheaDX is different in 2020?

For starters the event is no longer drawing attendees to San Francisco in 2020. It will be a 100% online based experience and it will bring every bit of innovation and awesomeness you would expect from Salesforce. Staying true to its belief in the power of personalization, Salesforce is offering registrants a personal TDX (#TDX20) schedule to pick from. This way you could easily build up your TDX day and actively engage with the content you feel genuinely enthusiastic about. That’s how Salesforce is attempting to overcome one of the new challenges when it comes to digital events and presentations or namely the lack of visitor engagement. 

Secondly and that’s a big one, TrailheaDX or #TDX20 will be FREE this year. Keeping in mind that last year’s ticket would cost you in the neighborhood of a thousand dollars, this is definitely a big step in making the TDX event inclusive and accessible to anyone who is driven by the will to learn and progress in the ecosystem. TrailheaDX would offer a mix of live and pre-recorded content that attendees would be able to engage with and follow as they choose.

Reinventing TrailheaDX

It is still way too early in order to predict if online events would be a temporary thing or they would lay the ground for a completely new business conference culture. In either way #TDX20 would be a benchmark for what is possible. It is a pioneering attempt but when it comes to constant creative innovation we are definitely in good hands with Salesforce. 

The main challenge with a fully digital TrailheaDX is condensing content without losing its primary meaning and purpose. Compressing an in-person multi-day event to a single digital experience is a mighty challenge. In a way it is similar to the challenge many businesses face in order to build meaningful data models from all the scattered data they work with. Over the last two decades Salesforce proved to be an incredibly potent solution when it comes to working with data. Now it’s the time to use that experience into building not just the world’s best CRM platform but also a new way for business conferencing. 

In the case of #TDX20 Salesforce has come up with a solution to offer a series of bite-sized episodes in shorter time frames while placing the attendee at the center of the whole process. Furthermore, Salesforce did not just assume what topics would be interesting to the audience. They walked the extra mile and reached out asking what topic to cover. This way the attendees would be the creators.

How to register and schedule TrailheaDX 2020?

The process of registering for #TDX20 is simple and takes less than a minute. You just need to login with either Salesforce credentials or alternatives like Google. LinkedIn or Email. After your registration is complete and confirmed you could start building your very own TrailheaDX 2020 experience picking from different options and sessions throughout the event.

Don't forget to schedule your TrailheaDX 2020 experience.

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