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What is CRM?

What is CRM?

Learn how Salesforce CRM could help you build the unified customer database that would fuel your business growth

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a tool but also a strategy that companies use to proactively manage the relationships with their customers and potential clients. In order to turn a prospect into a customer we don’t just need a solid business process, we need a reliable system to store and manage data.

A CRM system is crucial for any business because people’s limited ability to focus their attention and recall certain details about many different customers or events. Here is why a reliable CRM platform could significantly benefit the sales process for any organisation.

When you hear the term CRM in daily business life it is usually about the technical system that works with customer data and related processes. CRM systems are not just about the customer though. They also cover internal relationships with co-workers, external partners, service agents or suppliers. Depending on users’ needs we can determine and build different levels of access through different profiles and roles or share access on-demand. 

If you google CRM the first organic result would likely be Salesforce. The class-leading cloud platform offers the ultimate CRM experience today. That is mostly because it emphasizes greatly on an user-friendly and intuitive UI. Coupled with hundreds of different learning paths through Trailhead, Salesforce CRM is not just a system, it is a vibrant ecosystem that teaches us how to be obsessed with our clients and build a 360 degree overview of their expectations, needs and requirements.    

Usually when we give a definition of what is CRM we use terms like sales management and productivity. A good CRM system would help us build a sales funnel, monitor customer interactions with ease and proactively follow up with prospects. That is all part of the sales process and there are no two organisations that share exactly the same path for closing. 

That’s something the Salesforce platform prioritizes and emphasizes on. The platform offers unlimited scope for customization. The business reason comes in the form of added value for the organisation. The better we are able to translate our actual processes to the CRM system the more optimal our workflows would be.

Although it dominates the world of CRM, today Salesforce is far more than a CRM system. It is a unified customer database. Furthermore, Salesforce is constantly trying to innovate and improve the CRM experience with new features. Here you could like to learn more about the latest Salesforce Summer’20 release.

Running a unified customer database gives us the upscale to grow business through personalization and improved customer experience. Knowing and understanding the major customer issues and requirements at each state of the customer lifetime is crucial for keeping clients happy. What Salesforce does is bridging the gap between distant systems and databases for managing the customer experience and thus providing a solid framework built with customer-centricity and devotion in mind.

If you are looking to implement or extend Salesforce at your organisation then our team has just the right expertise in order to guide you through the process of system development and new custom features adoption. Get in touch and let us know how we could help you get the most out of your Salesforce org.


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