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Why custom Salesforce development actually makes sense

Why custom Salesforce development actually makes sense

Here are three reasons why you could consider custom Salesforce development as a way to boost your organisation’s productivity

We already know that the Salesforce platform is exceptionally powerful and versatile. The thing is that the package we get out-of-the-box just merely scratches the surface of what Salesforce could do. The built-in standard functionality already is the industry-leading benchmark for what a cloud platform should be. Nevertheless, custom development could help us better suit the Salesforce platform to the unique needs of the business. 


The journey to an agile organisation is quite a challenge for any business. Rapid learning and decision making is crucial for building an agile business model. Thus, we need a way to optimize how we work and communicate with other people in the organisation. Bespoke Salesforce development could help us automate complex processes or build shortcuts for better and adapted workflows. Moreover, we could make the Salesforce platform really our own by building custom components, apps and connectors that would help us better translate the actual agile business model we’ve designed without compromising because of technology constraints.


An agile organisation is one that combines speed with stability and efficiency. If back in the past larger organisations outperformed smaller companies, today faster companies beat those that are slow. In this customer driven economy being able to react timely to the changing environment is instrumental to business survival in the long-term. Tailored Salesforce development could dramatically improve workflow speed of execution by prioritizing tasks and optimizing the paths of various processes. Although we get some no-code trigger-like functionality with the updated Flows in Salesforce Summer 20 release, being able to fully modify and prioritize process execution is a great way to boost speed and productivity.


If we use the Salesforce platform out-of-the-box it is like buying a Ferrari and driving only in 1st gear. Yes, it is still a Ferrari with all the cool looks and specs on paper but we know that we are only getting a fraction of the performance we’ve paid for. That’s why custom Salesforce development is a solution for us to open up the throttle and rev up the engine of the platform. Furthermore, it would allow us to achieve more by doing less through tailored development of components, apps or specific business case functionality. 

To sum up, modifying the Salesforce platform is a reasonable next step if we want to optimize business processes and enhance overall productivity. It is a way to make the Salesforce platform even more agile, versatile and capable by creating new unique features and functionalities. One thing to keep in mind however is licensing. If we pick anything below Salesforce Enterprise, for example, we won’t get APEX, which is the core programming language that Salesforce developers use to modify the platform.
Curious how Salesforce customization could help you streamline your business model and efficiency? Reach out now and let’s discuss the best possible custom application of the Salesforce platform for your organisation. 

2020-08-12 08:22:01