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Discover hidden insights and sales opportunities, get predictions and discover issues before they surface.

  • Monitor your data from any source, anywhere, quickly and easily

    Monitor all your data from any source, internal or external with custom pre-built apps and dashboards. When you find the answer you are looking for then you could assign a sales task, close a service case and much more, all within the Salesforce ecosystem.

  • Know what is happening now, why, and what will happen in the future

    In order to achive that goal we offer AI-powered answers, explanations and recommendations with Einstein Discovery. By analyzing millions of data combinations in a matter of minutes you could understand what has happened, why it hapened and most importantly, what will happen in the future.

  • Get smarter and more connected

    Complete integration with Salesforce makes it a lot easier to connect to your Sales and Service cloud data. This gives you the ability to dynamically explore any information in order to find trends and visualize performance indicators.

  • Get contextual answers

    With our suits of analytic apps you can unlock the full power of Salesforce and give your sales and service teams the tools to find the appropriate answers that lead to smarter deals and happier customers.

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