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Restructuring business processes is a way to learn about Salesforce's vulnerabilities and take the necessary steps to speed up business with further integration. We design a plan for further growth and help organize or reengineer. Significant cost savings, coupled with improved performance and efficient processes, are just some improvements brought about by redesign of business processes.

  • Map & Analyze As-Is Processes

    We will review existing Salesforce business objectives and internal processes, or be able to optimize the use of Salesforce, identify breaks and value adding processes.

  • Technical Audit

    Our Salesforce Consultants will analyse the data model, class structure, desired seperation of data access, architecture errors, security and potential limitation risks.

  • Design To-Be Process

    We will create a future Salesforce-oriented plan, for your company departments based and customized for their needs. Size and complexity of the tasks and the approximate scope of the budget forecast will be made available to stakeholders.